Is the delay on the Prelude analog or digital?
Digital. The Prelude uses the PT2399 chip for the delay side of the pedal. The circuit around the chip has been crafted to emulate some of our favorite analog delays. The tone toggle also gives the user three EQ settings which allow the delay to get very dark and warm.

What is the maximum time for the delay?
The delay can reach 1,000 milliseconds between repeats. Now the PT2399 is notorious for becoming slightly gritty and noisy for anything over roughly 500 milliseconds. Many other pedals using the chip will cap the max time around there. But the Prelude has been designed to allow more time between repeats, while keeping the noise manageable. We think the subtle grit also adds to the character of the chip. We also wanted to put the power in your hands. If you want long repeats with some extra character, then you should get it.

Is the delay tap-tempo?
The Prelude is not tap-tempo, and there are no current plans to make a tap-tempo version.

Is the Prelude true bypass?
Yes. There is a toggle switch at the top of the Prelude that can switch the pedal between True Bypass and Trails Mode.

What is "Burst Mode"?
Burst Mode allows you to change either or both of the footswitches to a momentary function. This means you engage the effect only while you are holding down on the footswitch, allowing you specific bursts of delay and/or reverb while you play. This is best utilized when the pedal is set to very wet settings.

Can the Prelude be powered by battery?
No, the pedal must be powered by an external power source (9VDC, 2.1mm barrel, standard polarity).

What is the return policy?
Returns are accepted and a refund is given if you return the pedal in the complete original packaging, with all original documentation and goodies, all in perfect cosmetic and mechanical condition, and within 48 hours after receiving your pedal. Once returned, a refund will be issued once the product has been inspected and is confirmed to be in "like new" condition. Please contact us to initiate a return.

Do the pedals come with a warranty?
There is a one year warranty on the pedal for the original owner that covers anything mechanical. It does not cover broken knobs, jacks, toggles or cosmetic issues due to abuse. It also does not cover abuse using improper power. Make sure to use a quality power source (9VDC, 2.1mm barrel, standard polarity).

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