This is the second Special Edition of the Prelude.

Special Edition colorways have a fixed supply, and come with access to the Quiet Theory Club discord server.

Grey-In-The-Dark will be limited to 33 units.

Special features:
-subtle glow-in-the-dark finish to the enclosure
-glow dot indicators on custom black knobs

The glossy black Q logo does not glow, but you may choose a matte white Q option which does glow.

NOTE: Glow results will vary on lighting conditions, and will look brighter in photos taken of it.


Product Info:

The Prelude is a dreamy delay & reverb unit capable of both subtle ambience and washed out atmosphere.

·Trails/True Bypass Toggle Switch
·Top Mounted Jacks
·Soft Touch Footswitches
·Separate Delay and Reverb EQ Tone Switches
·Burst Mode (Read more in FAQ)
·Custom Aluminum Knobs with Glow Dot Indicators
·Quiet Theory Gravity Guitar Pick

LISTEN: Demo Videos

Please use a power supply that is designed for pedals. Use only a 9V DC center negative tip power supply (2.1mm “Boss” Style or equivalent).

**Orders Ship Within 3 business days**